We Tried The #60secondrule Cleansing Method - Here's What We Thought

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Whether it is oil cleansing, double cleansing or deep cleansing; we have tried several methods to ensure extra clean skin. No matter the method, we can all agree that properly cleansed skin is the key to a radiant complexion. But is there a method that works for everyone? What about dry skin that can easily feel stripped from over cleansing? Or oily skin that feels not cleansed enough?


The newest method that is making its rounds on the internet is the 60 second rule. This method endorses a simple, inexpensive and ritualistic method to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate skin. People who have tried it consistently have been raving about its amazing results - from fading hyper-pigmentation, to healing breakouts faster, to improving skin texture. Sounds impressive right? To make this method sound even better, it costs nothing! Yup, nothing. Naturally, this simple method created by the Golden Rx piqued our interest. We here at Afiya Beauty decided to put it to the test. We tried out this method for four weeks straight. Here is our review:


The method is quite simple. It involves the cleanser of your choice, your fingers, and sixty seconds. The key with this method is to use your fingertips and not any other tool. The idea behind this is use the oils naturally occurring on your fingertips help break up dirt, makeup and oil on your face. Using your fingers, massage your skin in circular motions. This promotes lymphatic drainage which de-puffs the face, tightens the skin and feels damn good! The most important thing is to do these motions for at least sixty seconds. Yes, a full minute. This gives the cleanser time to work and use the ingredients that usually don’t get much time to shine due to the fact that it typically washed off too soon.


I tried it for about a month now. And WOW is all I have to say. I tried it with a nourishing oil cleanser which has excellent slip and feels great on the skin. The combination of the facial massage and deep cleansing has made a noticeable difference in my skin. Firstly, I put two pumps of any oil cleanser (sweet almond oil works great), and smooth it on a dry face. This helps break up dirt and makeup. Next I steam a facecloth with warm water and rub it on my face (which feels amazing by the way!) to remove all the cleanser. The result? Clean, smooth and moisturized (not over stripped) skin! I am going to commit to this way of cleansing as a lifestyle now because I am so impressed with the results.


Try this method of cleansing out and let us know how it worked for you!