Ingredient Spotlight: Marula Oil

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Blog by Afiya Beauty

Let’s talk about the wondrous Marula oil. If you have never heard of Marula oil, we would love to introduce you to this miracle oil considered by some to be the “elixir of youth.” It is the one of the foundational ingredients in our Pure Radiance deep nourishing overnight serum and we would love to share with you why we choose this amazing oil.

Blog by Afiya Beauty

Marula is a fruit native to the southern region of Africa and has been harvested wild for centuries used as a natural remedy to heal many conditions. This rare oil has a fragrant floral, nutty aroma that is packed with many powerful properties including protective antioxidants- in fact it contains 60% more antioxidants than the more famous cousin Moroccan Argan oil. Marula Oil has been part of multiple beauty rituals for hundreds of years in order to protect the skin and hair from the harsh weather conditions in Southern Africa.

This super fast absorbing oil is loaded with nutrients and fatty acids that fight environmental damage and it is incredibly hydrating. More impressively, Marula oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, loaded with Vitamin C and E which work together to fight free radical damage, boost cellular activity, aid in building collagen, protect against environmental toxins and support the overall health of your skin and hair. What is not to love about this amazing luxurious oil?